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Series 1

Parque's inaugural Series 1 is an exploration of eight timeless footwear silhouettes – the essential staples of our wardrobe reimagined through Parque's smart and sophisticated sustainability lens. 

Offered exclusively in black and intended to be worn for years, Series 1 comprises the styles you want to live in –  from day to night, through sun and rain, and for every moment in between. Pattern lines are simplified with discreet stitch and turn construction throughout, softening the edges, while bringing an architectural sensibility to the silhouettes. 

In this series, we use genuinely wild leather –  sourced outside the meat industry, therefore not contributing significantly to greenhouse gases – from a deer cull program in Japan. Implemented recently to preserve and protect forest and farmland in the face of an overwhelming deer population boom, the program mitigates the estimated six to ten billion yen a year in agricultural damage for which the deer are responsible. Of the culled deer, less than 1% is turned into leather. By making something beautiful and useful from this leather, we’re doing our part to help combat climate change by repurposing a byproduct of environmental management.

Tanned in Hyogo, Japan without the use of heavy metals, the soft and supple nature of this leather is unparalleled. Most leather has its imperfections painted, buffed or stamped out. We've intentionally left the leather surface natural in order to enjoy a beautiful texture and superior aging process, while allowing the scrapes and abrasions of a wild life lived to show through.


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