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Series 2

Released in October 2021, Series 2 considers the cooler months found in the Northern Hemisphere in the second half of the year. In Vancouver, where Parque is based, the leaves have turned to brilliant shades. Sweaters, puffers and Gore-tex jackets are pulled to the front of the closet. Salmon are spawning, mushrooms proliferating in the woods.

A study in tactile simplicity, the styles in this Series are explorations of the staples of a fall closet, considered through a lens that blends style, comfort, and function with sustainability. The colour palette remains grounded in black, with new elements introduced by way of two new styles, a chelsea and pull on boot, and through the addition of suede for the uppers. 

The same thoughtful attention to detail continues throughout, considering where and how they're made, through a product designed to function beautifully, to the eco-innovative materials incorporated top to bottom, inside and out. Crafted in Portugal by master craftspeople, each pair is made to order by hand, using wild deer leather from Japan, or a bio-suede sourced from Portugal that is chrome free and entirely biodegradable.

Suede was chosen as the key material for this Series because it's soft, yet also tough and resilient. Suede shoes can be worn in the rain, clean up easily with a dry brush, and are more resistant to scuffs and scratches than standard leather. Deer leather in particular can be wet over and over again while still retaining its' softness and elasticity.