PS-55994 Hiker Low PS-55994 Hiker Low PS-55994 Hiker Low PS-55994 Hiker Low PS-55994 Hiker Low PS-55994 Hiker Low PS-55994 Hiker Low PS-55994 Hiker Low

PS-55994 Hiker Low

Equally at home hiking trails or striking pavement. The 55994 Hiker Low is an urban tactical shoe: an elevated sneaker-inspired aesthetic paired with comfort and superior wet-day traction. For Series 2, we've used a rich tan color wild deer suede upper with leather lining, providing superior breathability, allowing feet to maintain an optimal temperature, and easy care and cleaning. A padded tongue, top line and collar, partnered with a recycled cork and EVA molded insole, provide superior support and cushioning.


Made by hand in Japan. 


Expected shipment date: September 2022


/. Japanese wild deer suede leather, tanned without the use of heavy metals, biodegradable. Full leather lining.

/. Organic cotton waxed laces, with copper aglets

/. Vibram© EVA midsole and Vibram ECOSTEP© recycled rubber outsole, trail tread

/. Cork & Recycled EVA molded insole, with antibacterial open cell foam cushioning

/. Unisex sizing

/. Average width, shark nose toe

Deer leather is an incredibly soft and moldable material, with superior breathability, and a longevity and durability that few other leathers can surpass, even after repeatedly getting wet and drying again. 

Deer skin is easy to maintain as long as you don't over condition it. The open nature of the surface of our leather means that a too-heavy conditioner will clog the surface, defeating the best features of this leather. For suede, this is especially true. Suede is a highly durable and scuff resistant material and should be stored in a cool, dark place ideally. Using a suede protector spray will provide additional protection. 

/. For oil stains: Use baby powder or corn starch to absorb the oils, letting the powder sit for some time, before using a soft brush to remove the excess powder. 

/. For dirt: Remove dirt once it has dried with stiff bristle brush, suede brush, or suede eraser. Gently brush the surface of the suede in one direction to remove the dirt, avoiding pressing too hard. For optimal suede function and look, it's best to not let the dirt accumulate in layers, as it will be harder to remove. If the suede has gotten wet, gently blot up any excess moisture and leave to dry in a cool place.

/. For conditioning: Use a lightweight suede specific conditioner, applying it in thin coats usually in a spray form, on a clean suede surface. Do not apply liniment or conditioner to the suede as it will clog up the pores and ruin the nap. Always test your conditioner on a small discreet part of the shoe and allow it to dry, making sure there are no adverse reactions, before applying it on the entire surface. 

/. For outsole care: The outsoles can be cleaned with brush and mild detergent. Rinse carefully under running water, taking care to keep the water flowing over the outsole only. 

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